What is Holistic Strength?

The Holistic Strength™ brand and training system promotes transformational change to the lives of all people by harnessing strength gained through training into every day life to reach optimal all-around health.

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Ty Woolner

About me

I'm a self-improvement enthusiast devoted to improving the lives of others through the means of strength as a catalyst for overall well-being..  I am forever the teacher and the student and I will guide you to your vast potential.

About you

You are ready to build a stronger relationship with your body, mind and spirit, all while reaching your personal goals. You wish to re-gain a sense of empowerment of your health and vitality. You've come to the right spot.

Continuing Education

Holistic Lifestyle Coach-C.H.E.K Institute

Special Strengths Coach-Westside Barbell

Meditation Teacher-TIP Level 6

Fascial Stretch Specialist-Stretch To Win

Nutrition Coach-Precision Nutrition

Weightlifting Coach-NCCP

PICP Strength & Conditioning-Poliquin

NeuroKinetic Therapy-NKT

BioSignature Modulation-Poliquin

...and notably a host of workshops, seminars and lectures in the field and a personal library of over 200 related books and counting.🤓

I'm ready



"Can you help me?” That's how my journey through fascial stretch therapy (FST) and rehab with Ty started. I walked into the gym after yet another weekend of cancelling plans because my hip hurt too much to walk and was fed up. Physiotherapy and the chiropractor had only resulted in temporary relief from pain caused by a rotated pelvis and reoccuring ankle tendonitis and after 5 years I was ready to try something new.

A sample FST session suggested that results would be positive, that the rotation was from one leg being longer than the other, and that it was fixable, so I hopped on board with 12 FST sessions. Six weeks later I could safely say I had spent a month pain free. It was time to set some loftier goals.

Previously I had completed two half marathons with finishing times of 2hrs 15min & lhr 59min. Both involved searing pain in my hip. So with eight weeks to go we aimed to get me from 10km once a week to a half marathon in under 2hr 15min, pain free. On September 25th, I crossed the finish line at the Island Girl Half Marathon in 2hrs 2min -completely hip pain and ankle tendonitis free!

This would not have been possible without Ty and his FST-Rehab program. The fascial stretching realigned my body allowing the muscles to balances themselves out and relax where needed so the sttengthening routines could work their magic. Ty was able to target the right mix of muscles to activate those that had been shut off and relax those that were constantly compensating.

It’s been a almost year since that race and I’ve been able to maintain my pain free status, completing another half-marathon, followed by a 10km race just a week later without a twinge. In addition to the running I’ve also been able to build my strength with a complete program of strength training. Whether it’s loading the bar for squats and deadlifts, learning kettlebell swings or doing planks on a medicine ball, I know I can trust my body to handle the challenge.

I can't say enough about the impact FST and Ty’s training have had on my life. Just sitting in this chair typing without thinking about my hip is wonderful, everything else is a cherry on top.


I have known Ty Woolner for over 5 years as a close friend, a co-worker and also as my personal trainer. I worked at GoodLife Fitness with Ty from January 2007 until November 2011. Ty and I worked very closely together and his work ethic and dedication to his career is remarkable. We were both working in the sales and membership department when we made decisions to go after the jobs that we wanted for careers. Ty began educating and training towards his career in Personal Training as I began the process of chasing my career in policing. Having witnessed Ty’s commitment and passion towards Personal Training, I knew beyond a doubt that I wanted to train with him to prepare myself for my career choice. The day that he started as a personal trainer is the day that I signed up to be his client. I weighed 260 pounds at the time and over the course of two years training with Ty I improved my strength, flexibility, and endurance and now weigh 220 pounds. I flourished in my fitness testing during my police application process and am now attending Ontario Police College after being hired by the London Police Service. My work with Ty has helped me be very successful in my first two months of training there. Ty was the complete trainer helping me in all aspects of accomplishing my goals both physically and helping me with the psychological barriers that can get in the way of peak training. He showed great attention to detail, was results focused, kept things fun and interesting and I could tell that he cared deeply for the health and well being of his clients. Choosing to train with Ty was one of the best decisions I ever made and I know it was a huge factor in helping me attain my goal of becoming a Constable with the London Police Service. Above all I have formed a lifetime friendship with Ty because of his character. I recommend him without hesitation.


I had the pleasure of training with Ty for six months when I first moved to Toronto in 2011. I became interested in working with him in seeing how he dealt with his clients at the gym. He was incredibly positive and motivating. And when we started working together I realized he also had an incredible knowledge base. We made some amazing progress in 6 months and Ty's passion for the job lead me to become a personal trainer a year later. I am now a Level 4 trainer at Goodlife and am currently pursuing my Level 3 PICP certification. Only now, after having worked as a PT for almost 3 years, do I fully appreciate the time and effort that Ty put into my program. Not only that but Ty's positivity is absolutely infectious. I dare anyone to spend 5 minutes with this guy and not smile. And Ty is the real deal when it comes to his wholistic approach to training and life. There is not a disingenuous bone in his body and he has truly become the man he was meant to by fully integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of his life. I am so excited to for Ty to take his place among the elite trainers of the world. I will be proud to say 'I know that guy' when he does become more well known and I am happy that we are friends to this day.


I have been a client of Ty’s for over a year now and I can honestly say the past year has been one of my best! Ty is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and most importantly, encouraging. He consistently reminds me that it’s just not a work-out – it’s a lifestyle. Ty’s training style and knowledge provides me with the best approach to exercise and overall health – he is focussed, energetic and no day is ever the same!


Coach Ty has been my personal trainer for over 5 years and during this period I have gained so much in meeting my goals for improving my strength, balance and endurance. The technical knowledge he imparts maximizes the benefit of the time I spend at the health center with him and at the fitness club working out independently.  For me Coach Ty embodies everything that makes a great personal trainer. He is committed to ongoing education, understanding individual client needs, and the highest level of professionalism. He has made me an unquestioning believer in the high value of his personal training.


Ty is an awesome trainer. He is so knowledgeable about fitness, health and nutrition and is constantly learning to improve his skills and the service he provides to his clients. He is so patient with me but pushes me when I need it. He is constantly changing our routines to meet my fitness goals and is always introducing new workouts. He is warm and friendly and I have never felt intimidated by him. It has been a pleasure working out with him all these years.