The Holistic Strength® method invites transformational change to people's lives by developing first a deeper awareness, and then a transferable strength in all 5 elements of holistic well-being.

Meet Coach Ty Woolner

Founder & CEO of Holistic Strength®, Head Coach

His Story..

Ty grew up in a small town, mainly a shy kid who was over-weight until his later teens.  One summer, he made the decision to lose weight before returning for his final high school year.  In researching and a daily devotion to his goal, he lost 40 lbs over 3 months, an achievement that would lay much of the foundation of who he is today.

(You can read more about this transformation in the 'blog' section!)

At 18 years old, Ty moved to Toronto to study Theatre and physical performance where he excelled and went on to work in several commercials, small films and stage productions.  He was even offered a chance to study at a renown physical performance school in France but would ultimately turn the offer down.

A decade ago, Ty decided to turn his passion of health and fitness, helping others and personal development in to a career and has grown Holistic Strength® Inc into an impact-driven movement, bringing forward a higher consciousness in the world.  Ty is devoted to improving the lives of others through the means of strength as a catalyst for overall well-being and is ready to guid you to your vast potential.

Are you ready?